Florissant Jail

Address :1700 North Highway 67, Florisant, MO, 63033
Phone :314-831-7000
County :St. Louis County

Florissant Jail is a low security city jail located in city of Florisant, St. Louis County, MO. It houses adult male inmates (above 18 years of age) who are convicted for crimes which come under Missouri state law. It houses the people who have been arrested and are awaiting trial, sentence or pending plea. Most of the inmates serving their time in Florissant Jail are sentenced for less then a year for crimes which are less serious in nature.

The prison is operated and maintained by Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) Below we have given information about the Florissant Jail including inmate search, phone number, visitation rules/hours and contact information.

Type :City Jail
There are 2650 city jail in US and 15 of them in Missouri.

Visit a Federal Inmate In Florissant Jail

Each prison sets its own visiting hours. By law, an inmate gets at least four hours of visiting time per month. If you have a question about a particular prison, contact that facility directly. Review information on visiting a federal inmate to ensure your visit is a success.

For further information, please contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

State or local correctional systems may have different procedures for visiting an inmate.

Send Money to an Inmate In Florissant Jail

Federal Correctional Facilities Inmates held at a Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facility have bank-type accounts called commissary accounts that they can use to purchase items. You can deposit money into a federal inmate's account by one of the following three funding methods:
  • MoneyGram (electronically)
  • Western Union (electronically)
  • United States Postal Service (money order through the mail)
If the inmate is at a private contract facility, please contact that facility or contract operator for instructions on how to send funds.

State and Local Correctional Facilities Options for sending money to inmates in state and local prisons vary. Please contact the appropriate state or local correctional department for more information.

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